Keto Chili With Sweet "Cornbread"


For Cornbread

1 package of Keto candy girl Golden Sweet Pancake Mix
⁃4 tbsp of melted butter
⁃4 large eggs ⁃1 cup unsweetened almond milk
For chili: ⁃1 medium diced onion
⁃2 lbs grass fed ground beef
⁃Heaping tbsp dried parsley
⁃1 tsp dried oregano ⁃Dash of sea salt ⁃2 heaping tbsp chili powder
⁃1 tsp cayenne pepper ⁃2 diced garlic cloves (I got mine at Trader Joes)
⁃28 oz can crushed tomatoes


1. Turn IP on saute, add oil and diced onion and sauté until tender. (Use a pot on the stove if you don't have an IP)
2. Add beef, parsley, oregano and salt and brown.
3. Add chili powder and cayenne pepper. Stir.
4. Add garlic cloves and crushed tomatoes and stir until combined.
5. Change the setting to chili and let it release on it’s own.
6. Make your pancake mix as instructed on the packaging.
7. Place chili in baking dish and add pancake mix on top. Bake until golden brown.