Keto Shortbread Sprinkle Cookie Pops

These keto-friendly shortbread cookie pops are so delicious made by @on_westhoff_ranch. These cookie pops are so easy to make they're barely even a "recipe." You can also make these with different colored sprinkles for any occasion! 

Using KetoCandyGirl Funfetti Kit which includes 1 Shortbread Cookie Mix and 1 KetoCandyGirl Rainbow Sprinkles to make the base of the cookie pop. Next Choc Zero has there own line of sugar free white chocolate baking chips that she used to dip the cookie in. Lastly top it off with sugar free KetoCandyGirl Rainbow Sprinkles that came in the kit for a nice colorful cookie pop! 

These cookie pops are perfect for putting in your kids lunch, or an afternoon snack. Even at family and friend gathering these cookie pops are a perfect sugar free option that no one can say no to. 

Here's what @on_westhoff_ranch did to make these keto shortbread cookie pops. 


Here's what she did:

  1. Make shortbread mix according to package instructions except  bake them for 10 minutes.

  2. Then immediately push sticks up through bottom portion, and dipped them into melted Choc Zero sugar-free white chocolate chips.

  3. Then sprinkled them with KetoCandyGirl rainbow sprinkles. Chilled and devoured. Enjoy!