Keto S'mores Brownies

Calling all S'mores lovers! These delicious keto-friendly S'mores brownies are the perfect sugar and guilt free summer dessert! Made by @theketogenicmermaid using our KetoCandyGirl Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix she made these brownies topped with sugar free chocolate chips, sugar free chocolate syrup, and sugar free marshmallows. Here's what she did!  


Here's what she did:
  1. Mix together 1 package KetoCandyGirl Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, eggs, butter, and spread onto a grease brownie pan, and cook for 20 minutes.
  2. Once done sprinkle chocolate chips, Choc Zero chocolate syrup over the top, 16 square sugar free marshmallows, and then broil till it’s all melty & turning brown color.
  3. Let cool for a little but cut them while they’re cooling into however many servings you want.
  4. What she did was let them cool longer then she took them out of the pan and placed them on a cookie sheet to continue to cool.
  5. Enjoy!