Orange Cinnamon Roll Keto Pancakes

Recipe by @on_westhoff_ranch

Here's what she did👇
She made 1 package of @ketocandygirl Golden pancakes according to directions but She added 10 drops oooflavors Cinnamon Roll flavoring (or more to your taste), to the batter.

These made MASSIVELY HUGE pancakes.
It made more pancakes than what She has pictured!
She made a cinnamon sugar spread using 

3TB butter, softened
2TB Monkfruit/Erythritol, powdered. (You can use granular, but it might make it slightly grainy. Use whatever sweetener you like, you just may need to mess with the measurement.
1tsp cinnamon, or more to your liking.
Mix all together and spread between your cakes.