Choc Zero Limited Edition Chocolate Pumpkins

Choc Zero Limited Edition Chocolate Pumpkins

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It's a surprise Halloween treat! Our chocolate pumpkins are back, but not for long. Grab them before they disappear.

Something pumpkin this way comes? It's our delicious keto milk chocolate pumpkin candy!

Made from the same premium chocolate as our  chocolate squares, these pumpkin faces are creamy, delicious and fun! Kids will love the range of different pumpkin faces, Moms will love the no added sugar.

Our keto pumpkin candy also comes in white chocolate and dark chocolate

  • Delicious keto halloween treats
  • Limited edition chocolate pumpkins
  • Individually wrapped pumpkin faces
  • Sweetened with monk fruit: no sugar alcohols



*Due to the potential of chocolate melting during shipment, these products will be shipped at the buyer's risk. Keto Candy Girl will not be held responsible for any melting of these products that may occur during shipping.