Choc Zero Truffles
Choc Zero Truffles
Choc Zero Truffles
Choc Zero Truffles
Choc Zero Truffles
Choc Zero Truffles

Choc Zero Truffles

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Celebrate the cozy days of Autumn with the best keto gift: chocolate truffles! These creamy milk chocolate keto truffles are filled with a sugar free maple pecan creme that brings the bounty of the season to your taste buds with every bite.

Each of the five chocolate truffles are shaped like maple leaves for that special artisinal touch. They're perfect for gift baskets, Thanksgiving dinners, and delighting your friends with a special treat unlike anything else on the market today. And yes, you can totally treat yourself to some!

  • Low carb: 1g net carb per truffle
  • Gorgeously thematic designed gift box 
  • Made from our gourmet, keto friendly chocolate
  • We love Fall most of all: a limited edition truffle just for Autumn



Gorgeous keto truffles shaped like snowflakes made from our creamy low carb white chocolate wrapped around a berrylicious raspberry filling. Presented in a beautiful winter gift box, our white chocolate raspberry truffles are an extra-special treat for the cold winter months.

  • Each gift box contains five truffles in the shape of snowflakes
  • The perfect gift for a loved one or a special keto treat to share with the family
  • Each truffle is made with our premium low carb white chocolate: made with real cocoa butter and sweetened with monk fruit
  • No added sugar and no sugar alcohols
  • Low carb and keto-friendly: each white chocolate truffle is just 2 net carbs

Delicious milk chocolate low carb truffles shaped like snowflakes and filled with our new creamy keto hazelnut spread. Presented in a beautiful gift box, these winter keto truffles are an extra-special treat to savor in the cold months. Enjoy alongside your favorite hot drink.

  • Low carb: each milk chocolate keto truffle is just 2 net carbs
  • Made with our premium low carb milk chocolate with whole cream and  Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans
  • Sweetened with monk fruit: no added sugar and no sugar alcohols
  • A delicious keto gift for a loved one or a special treat to share with your family

Intense sugar free dark chocolate truffles shaped like snowflakes with a peppermint filling. Get five gorgeous dark chocolate snowflake truffles presented in a beautiful gift box. An ideal sugar free treat that brings bite-size joy to each wintery day.

Please note the box states that these truffles contain tree nuts & dairy: this is a misprint. The truffles are made in a factory that also handles tree nuts and dairy. The truffles themselves are vegan.  

  • Made with our cocoa-rich dark chocolate, each truffle is vegan and sugar free
  • Low carb: each truffle is just 1 net carb
  • A delicious chocolate peppermint winter treat 
  • No sugar alcohols - these truffles are sweetened with monk fruit, a natural ketogenic sweetener

Listing is for 1 (one) box of selected flavor

*Due to the potential of chocolate melting during shipment, these products will be shipped at the buyer's risk. Keto Candy Girl will not be held responsible for any melting of these products that may occur during shipping.