JoJo's Chocolate (In Store Only)
JoJo's Chocolate (In Store Only)

JoJo's Chocolate (In Store Only)

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Half the sugar. Double the delicious.

JoJo’s combines the perfect ingredients to create a completely new way to satisfy your sweet tooth. With premium dark chocolate, high-quality protein, and less sugar, we’re giving chocolate lovers a delicious treat, and a healthier way to snack without tradeoffs.



64% Dark Chocolate, Coconuts, Macadamia Nuts & Plant-Based Protein

WHY WE MADE IT: Inspired by Jojo’s love of Hawaii and the fresh flavors of the island, this nutty combination captures the Aloha spirit and delicious taste! What more can we say, Jojo always wanted to go Hawaiian. With delicious dark chocolate, no-sugar-added, boosted with hemp protein, topped with the nutty goodness of coconuts and macadamia nuts, it’s an island-inspired treat. The fresh yet decadent taste is sure to become your favorite guilt-free snack, treat!



64% Dark Chocolate, Pistachios, Almonds, Raspberries & Plant-Based Protein

WHY WE MADE IT: Since no-sugar was our aim, and taste our game we combined our favorite berry, raspberry, with our favorite food, chocolate. The result? Chocolate that will have you dreaming about raspberries. With delicious dark chocolate, <1G sugar, boosted with plant-based protein, topped with the raspberries, almonds, and pistachios it’s a berry lover’s dream! The perfect blend of tart, sweet and decadent, JOJO’s Raspberry Dream will make a tasty addition to your daily routine!