Pb crust
Keto candy girl shortbread mix
4 ounces natural peanut butter (warmed to melt)
1/4 cup of melted butter.

Combine everything and press it uniformly onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment and bake it on 350 for 12 minutes.

Once cooled reserve 1/4 cup and press the rest into a greased 9 inch spring form pan (I didn’t use anymore butter but next time I will because it was a little crumbly)

No bake cheesecake filling
16 ounces (2 packages)softened cream cheese
1/2 cup powdered erythritol
1/4 cup pb powder
2 Tbsp hot water
1 packet unflavored gelatin

Whip together cream cheese, sweetener, and Pb powder. Dissolve gelatin into hot water. While mixer is going pour in the gelatin mixture. Add filling over crust and smooth out top with a spoon.

Jelly topping
1 cup water
1/4 cup thawed frozen strawberries (keep the juice)
1/3 cup cold water
1 package Simply delish naturals gelatin (strawberry)

Boil the cup of water. Blend up thawed strawberries with immersion blender or really well with a fork. Dissolve the simply delish strawberry gelatin in the 1/3 cup cold water. Remove the boiling water from heat and add the mashed strawberries. Add the cold water with the gelatin and stir well. Let cool for five minutes and then spread over the top of the cheesecake filling.

Refrigerate at least six hours but recommend overnight. Top with reserved peanut butter shortbread cookie crumbles.

Recipe and photo cred @amandaeatsketo