I’m just a small girl with a dream that became BIG!

I know how hard it is to quit sugar, so I brought the sweetness back to your life without the sugary consequences.  

My business is completely focused on my health. I lost my mother and father to cancer at a very young age. I am now 51 years old and have outlived both of them.

My main objective is to not spike insulin levels while creating amazing treats that not only taste like the real thing, but satisfy your cravings with ZERO sugar.

I highly recommend checking blood sugar levels often. I am not a Dr. but have been studying about how to live a cancer free life for years.

I will continue my quest to provide amazing sugar free treats for you, me, our families and the world for as long as I live!

Each mix is handcrafted with my original recipes that I even bake for my kids.

I have tested my mixes over 100 times to make sure that they’re the best tasting product for you! 🍪

I never thought something like this was possible, but I appreciate all of you, the people who fuel my products.

Last year, I built the first self-curated Keto Candy Girl storefront to offer my mixes and amazing low carb goodies from companies in the low carb and keto community.



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