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Naturally Sugar-free

We don't like what added sugar does to our bodies or smiles. But boy do we have a sweet tooth! We use natural, plant-derived sugar alcohols (a misnomer because they are neither sugar, nor alcohol) like xylitol and maltitol. Though they taste just like sugar, they aren't processed by your body the same way, so you end up with lower blood-sugar impact.


Caramels should be gluten-free, right? Unfortunately we found enough caramels out there with gluten ingredients that we thought it was important to ensure none of our ingredients contain or are derived from wheat, rye, barley, or crossbreeds of those grains.


Low carb for a moderate Keto diet!

Because eating too many simple carbs can seriously throw your blood sugar out of whack, we worked to keep net carbs as low as possible. At 12g net carbs per five-piece serving, that's just 2.5g per piece or around 40% lower than your average sugar caramel. We calculate net carbs using the formula [net carbs] = [total carbs] - [fiber] - [50% x sugar alcohols]


Just 20 calories per piece!

Another benefit of the sweeteners we use: lower calories. At 100 calories per five-piece serving, our bites of deliciousness have approximately 33% fewer calories than the average sugar caramel.



One of Dr. Jenny's priorities was ensuring our caramels would help, not harm, dental health. This starts with the xylitol. Every piece has about one gram of this wonder-sweetener that actively reduces harmful acidity and cavity-causing bacteria on your teeth. We painstakingly tested our caramels to make sure they are soft enough not to damage teeth or dental work and to melt within minutes.


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